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'Creativity takes courage' - Henri Matisse


The internationally renowned artist Capt.Stjepko Mamic has attracted international Circle of collectors, drawn by his colourful and mystical style and charismatic persona. He has been drawing and painting since childhood, but life first pushed him for 30 years to the sea where become a ship’s captain in mercantile marine. Eleven years ago, he returned to his first love, painting. He has perfected the techniques of contemporary painting at the Academia du Port-Royal, Paris, France (with Proof. Jean Maxime Relange and Prof. Dina Pickard) and at the Academy D'Arte , Florence, Italy (with Prof. Sonia De Franceschi).

In France he become member of famous Fondation Taylor and Societe des Artistes Independants. He exhibit with Salon du dessin et de la peinture à l'eau and Salon d'Automne as well. (He will be back to Paris as participant at the Salon d'Automne, Paris, October 2018 and Art Capital, at the Grand Palais, Paris, February 2019.)

He is also member of Accademia Culturale Europea, Rome, Italy; The Croatian Association Of Artists-Dubrovnik (HDLU-Dubrovnik): ICAF - International Culture and Arts Federation, South Korea; Art Nation, International Artist Association based in Munich, Germany; Gogyoshi Art Project International and others.


The source of Stjepko's art and his life lies in the sea. He draws its strength and inspiration from the sea depths and width of open sea where he spent most of his life. Firmly connected with the sea and nature he manages to pour sea on canvas and create unique paintings.

In recent works, Stjepko explores new materials and artistic ideas. He developed his own painting technique, innovative, very different, where he use liquid paints for glass and ceramics on linen canvas with a mixture of pigments and golden and silver leaf, to increase vibrancy and bring light in to the painting and many art's critics like Paolo Levi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Anna Francesca Biondolillo, Salvo Nugnes, Mariarosaria Belgiovine, Salvatore Russo, Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, Eva Lemonidou, Rebeca Smith, Lusine Breitscheidel , Marianna Jurceva, Julika Götte e.t.c. wrote critics about his artworks. He and his paintings were included in many books, magazines, catalogues, newspapers, online portals, and television shows in Italy, Croatia, Germany, France, UK, South Korea and USA. The French art magazine TOP ART just published his “”Portrait with artist” and choose his painting for the front cover.


He has often exhibited at solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and worldwide, like: Italy ( Rome:Museo Crocetti;Galleria Rosso Cinabro; Spoleto- Spoleto Arte, 60. Festival dei due Mondi 2017; Venice: Pro Biennale-Biennale di Venezia 2017- Chiostro della Chiesa di San Francesco della Vigna; Pro Biennale 2016. Palazzo Giustinian Faccanon; National Museum of Italy-Villa Pisani ; Florence: Biennale Sergio Graziossi- OnArt Gallery;Florence Art Palazzo,Boticelli Price; Maranello-Museum Ferrari; Catania,Lecce, Palermo-2nd Biennale di Palermo); France (Paris:Art Capital 2017 and 2018- Grande Palais; Museum Louvre; Carrousel du Louvre; La Grande Exposition Universelle - Tour Eiffel, Salon Gustave Eiffel 2014; Galerie Metanoia; Cannes: Salon du Vieux-Port, Salon des Artistes Independants Paris 2017; Galerie Artitude; Aulnay-sous -Bois), Monaco ( Monte Carlo), United Kingdom (London: Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, Pall Mall; Oxford- Town Halle and Museum of Oxford;Edinburgh -Dundy Gallery), Belgium (Brussel, Bruges), USA (New York, Los Angeles, Miami); Brazil (Rio de Janeiro- Olympic games 2016), Japan (Tokyo), South Korea (National Museums of Korea: National Academy of art of Korea, Seoul; Haumegaungang Museum; Macedonia (National Museum Kumanovo; House of Culture”; Skopje- Koco Racin”and Kavadarci), Slovakia (National Museum of Slovakia-Castle Bratislava), Iran (Ahvaz-Museum of Contemporary Art; Dezful-Cultral centre), Denmark (Fredereiksvaerk), Switzerland (Basel,Frick,Zurich), Bosnia and Herzegovina(Mostar,Sarajevo) and Holland at prestigious galleries and museums.

His works are in holdings of numerous galleries , museums and private collections worldwide. For his works he received many internationally awards and recognitions. From the beginning, Stjepko has made his own path. He has pursued an "ecological vision" of art's place in contemporary life. Art as an essential part of our contemporary household and environment. Capt.Stjepko now beckons a wider public to take part in that vision. Join me, he says, because the Art is Life.

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